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General Sales Conditions

These conditions govern all sales commissioned to the Seller and take precedence over any conflicting clauses that the Buyer may have included in their own general purchase conditions, proposals (orders), or other commercial documents.

Any modifications to this agreement must be made exclusively in writing and duly signed by both contracting parties.

  1. Contracting Parties

The term "Seller" refers to the company supplying the products subject to sale, which will issue an invoice for these products.

The term "Buyer" refers to the recipient of the invoices related to the products in question.

  1. Validity Period and Irrevocability of the Offer

Unless otherwise specified in the offer, the prices and specific conditions contained therein are valid for a period of fifteen days from the date indicated in the offer.

  1. Order

The order must be clearly defined in all its aspects and complete with all necessary technical and administrative information, including any tax-related specifications.

  1. Acceptance (hereinafter "order confirmation")

By placing an order, the Buyer commits to the prices and conditions specified in the Seller's offer. The Seller, upon receiving the order, may, if deemed appropriate, send an order confirmation as acceptance.

The Seller reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to reject or only partially accept any changes to the order proposed by the Buyer after the order confirmation. If the Buyer revokes a confirmed order, they are obliged to pay the full amount for the products and supplies already ordered by the Seller, provided that the Seller has already prepared the material.

  1. Product Characteristics in the Catalog

The trademarks, illustrations, weights, and other data are not binding. Any changes to the products in our range do not justify claims by the Buyer.

Products that the Seller imports from non-EEA countries are labeled "Imported by FERRIBIELLA SPA." It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure the maintenance of this labeling in any subsequent resale of the product to third parties.

  1. Prices

Prices are exclusive of VAT, are not binding, and are per unit unless otherwise specified for packaging or minimum quantity sales. Prices in effect at the time of shipment will be valid.

Packaging costs, unless of a special nature, are the responsibility of the Seller.

  1. Delivery Period

The estimated times for order fulfillment, as indicated in the Seller's order confirmations, are always indicative and not legally binding for the Seller. Therefore, due to the merely indicative nature of the terms mentioned above, the Seller is not liable for direct or indirect damages caused by delayed execution or delayed or non-delivery of the product. Any delays by the Seller shall not, in any case, give rise to compensation or the termination of the contract by the Buyer.

  1. Shipments

Orders are processed based on warehouse availability without guarantee of availability.

Shipments are made by carriers nominated by the Seller or on a freight-collect basis with a carrier chosen by the Buyer.

The minimum order amount for shipments within Italy is €350.00 + VAT. For countries outside Italy, the minimum order amount will be determined at the start of the collaboration.

Any reservations regarding weight, packaging, and packages must be made by the Buyer directly with the carrier upon receipt of the goods. Any shortages that occur during transport must be reported immediately to the carrier, and the carrier bears responsibility. If, upon opening the intact packages, the material indicated in the PACKING LIST is missing, the report must be made in writing via email within 48 hours of receipt of the goods and accompanied by the indication of the gross weight of the package upon arrival.

  1. Payments

The Buyer will acquire ownership of the materials only upon full payment of the invoice issued by the Seller.

Non-payment or inaccurate payment, as well as payment delays, entitle the Seller to modify the payment conditions for further supplies, to suspend the execution of the supply contract, and, in view of the importance of the breach, to automatically terminate the supply contract.

The retention of ownership will also apply if the Buyer is subject to insolvency proceedings.

Accepted payment methods: Delivery Payment, Advance Bank Transfer, PayPal.

  1. Warranty

Warranty will not be recognized for products that are damaged due to improper use or tampering.

  1. Warranty Performance

The Seller assumes no responsibility for the applications and operations to which the product will be subjected by the Buyer or their representatives when used for different purposes or in a manner not in accordance with the Catalog or usage instructions.

Any claims for non-conforming goods must be made in writing within 8 days of product receipt, under penalty of forfeiture of any other rights; this period is extended to 90 days for reporting hidden defects. If the claim is timely and found to be valid after acceptance by the Technical Support Service, the Seller's obligation is limited to repairing or replacing the non-conforming product at the original delivery location, upon the return of the product to be replaced.

The Buyer forfeits the right to claim and, therefore, to replace the product if they do not immediately suspend the processing or use of the disputed product.

Claims do not entitle the Buyer to suspend payment of the invoice for the disputed goods.

  1. Returns

Any returns of goods must be previously authorized in writing and will only be accepted if sent carriage paid to the Seller's premises.

Charges for offsetting by the Buyer will not be accepted.

  1. Credits

Any credits for corrections of inaccuracies on the Seller's invoices (items, prices, quantities, discounts, etc.) will be issued solely at the discretion of the Seller.

  1. Regulatory Rules

For matters not expressly governed by these "General Sales Conditions," the rules on sales governed by articles 1470 and following of the Civil Code shall apply.

  1. Competent Court

Any disputes arising from the interpretation, application, execution, termination of the contract, and/or these "General Sales Conditions," or, in any case, related to them, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Biella.